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Google Chrome Pages Unresponsive How To Fix


Comment 62 by Deleted [email protected], Mar 21 2014 Processing Still having problems eith chrome on my work/home computer. upgrading 8.1 to 10 I currently have 8.1 x64 Uefi/Gpt, and am downloading my GWX windows 10 update (I just checked on it and there is an error code - I Comment 5 by Deleted [email protected], Mar 18 2014 Processing I'm having the same problem with Chrome. My issue started Saturday similar to many others I've read about. weblink

I can't get Chrome to crash now, even by closing and reopening. It work until it restarts. Thanks Ananta Comment 86 by [email protected], Mar 23 2014 Processing Well good, I thought them to be a good business, after all thats why I like using google....maybe you could give thank goodness for IE - only browser still working!

Google Chrome Pages Unresponsive How To Fix

Every other popular browser for XP worked fine -- Chrome, FF, Opera, Safari. Original comment by [email protected] on 23 Jul 2011 at 5:16 GoogleCodeExporter commented Aug 11, 2015 You still haven't set the batchSizeIE property in the options you pass when you create the and I see what you mean. Comment 164 by Deleted [email protected], May 29 2014 Processing Last night Google Chrome was working fine.

Original comment by [email protected] on 25 Jul 2011 at 6:41 GoogleCodeExporter commented Aug 11, 2015 Hi Gary, Sorry maybe i didn't refresh the page correctly .. I use Norton antivirus - I'll check w/ them too. I thought I was going insane when I was the only one and posting 3+ times a day. Pages Unresponsive In Google Chrome Windows 7 Try going to msconfig and disabling AMD dual core optomizer if you have it.

Comment 22 by [email protected], Mar 19 2014 Processing There are now about 15 threads I found just by browsing, I'm sure there's more and most have multiple people with the issue: Why Do Pages Become Unresponsive On Google Chrome This has been going on since last year, because I've been following this issue closely. I do hope so. :-) Comment 87 by [email protected], Mar 23 2014 Processing I have the same problem on my Mac and have been forced to stop using Chrome altogether. https://productforums.google.com/d/msg/chrome/mfdsL-oBxrw/VoQiqJJTGFEJ Killed all of them, and then started Chrome: Problem solved.

I have tried most of the suggestions and it still does not work Comment 125 by Deleted [email protected], Mar 31 2014 Processing This happens constantly whenever I'm single-stepping an app using The Following Page Has Become Unresponsive Chrome 2016 You now have 17,000 markers, so try setting batchSizeIE to 100. How to use the registry editor. I disabled both and tried reinstalling Chrome.

Why Do Pages Become Unresponsive On Google Chrome

If that works it will help narrowing this issue down. Good news! Google Chrome Pages Unresponsive How To Fix Comment 172 by Deleted [email protected], Jun 17 2014 Processing Just look at #156 and did the same thing. Page Unresponsive Google Chrome Fix 2015 Comment 136 by Deleted [email protected], Apr 15 2014 Processing same issue here, tabs become unresponsive more or less at random.

Did a system restore to before that date and now Chrome works again. http://ocvninfo.net/google-chrome/google-chrome-trojan-warning.html Make sure it's not disabled in any way. I found a fix for this months ago and now it is happening again. Websites on it load instantly and I can use it for more than five minutes without it becoming unresponsive, so it's obviously something on Chrome's side. Page Unresponsive Google Chrome Fix 2016

Changing the firewall settings to allow Chrome through seemed to fix the problem locally. Comment 191 by [email protected], Jul 15 2014 Processing Makes no sense just a video no audio of windows popping open and the cursor moving about OPINION - 3.1456 = Onion Comment Strange & Unknown User Name Did A Clean Install Before Upgrading Now Win 10 Wo... http://ocvninfo.net/google-chrome/how-to-fix-google-chrome-not-opening.html Comment 102 by Deleted [email protected], Mar 23 2014 Processing [email protected], that did it!

Change registry value HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\Chrome\BLBeacon\state from 1 to 0. Google Chrome Unresponsive Windows 10 Comment 139 by Deleted [email protected], Apr 17 2014 Processing I have been following this issue on IE recently as I also have only been getting unresponsive pages. From the forums I've read through today, there are a huge number of users abandoning Chrome.

I have not installed any Windows Updates since 3/14/14 (6 days ago).

Now, the message "The following plug-in has become unresponsive" only lists Shockwave sometime. I attached a dump from while it's working and will create another if and when it crashes. Went to Firewall exceptions and 'Google Chrome' was not on the list. Why Do Web Pages Become Unresponsive Thank you very much Comment 112 by [email protected], Mar 24 2014 Processing Any suggestions for those of us experiencing the same problem with Mac OS?

The little circle just spins and spins counterclockwise and says "loading" in the tab, then I get the screen that says "the webpage is not available." Just like before, if I I posted what I've done here: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!category-topic/chrome/report-a-problem-and-get-troubleshooting-help/windows8/33-Beta/br3OZFUMD4o I tried the "restart and open chrome as soon as you can" method and that worked for me so far. Stale Java, says the US Federal Trade Commission. this content So it sounds like a conflict between Chrome and something I have in Startup items.I'll see what I can re-enable until it breaks. (Note that I've never had ZoneAlarm which was

Comment 46 by [email protected], Mar 20 2014 Processing At some point yesterday, Chrome and Firefox both began working correctly - have no idea why but happy about it. Comment 184 Deleted Comment 185 by Deleted [email protected], Jul 3 2014 Processing The other Youtube video didn't fix my issue but this one did: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2laI-8sktA Although I used an _ rather A few users without the Covenant Eyes issue have reported that the registry edit worked for them as well. This happened all of a sudden, and I haven't changed any settings in Chrome before or after all of this started happening.Save your bookmarks, and uninstall it ..Go here : Chrome

It's so bad that I can't even load chrome://historyor chrome://plugins without them becoming unresponsive (image here). Still will not update cannot watch streaming mp4 videos in Mozilla Firef... Or are you turning it off with a command line switch? Comment 180 by Deleted [email protected], Jun 27 2014 Processing Driving me mad Started today suddenly Shifting to firefox Comment 181 by Deleted [email protected], Jun 27 2014 Processing This worked perfectly well