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Can I Change From 64bit To 32bit On Clean Install (digital Entitle)?

Install WIN10 on HD#2 using thumb drive 5. The RECOVERY MEDIA description has been used for over 15 years now so the definition has changed over time. If you have problems with phone activation, contact chat support: https://www.groovypost.com/howto/activate-windows-10-license-microsoft-support/ Reply Ray April 21, 2016 at 11:07 am # Hello Andre, Two questions… 1. There's no option now to revert to Seven.So I am doing a reformat and installaton of Seven from my recovery DVDs I made when I bought the computer. http://ocvninfo.net/can-i/can-i-use-my-windows-8-key-to-install-8-1.html

Help me please! During the setup a window came up and asked if I wanted the free upgrade to Windows 10. Reply shazam July 30, 2015 at 12:20 am # What's the story with Virtual machine Win8 --> Win10 installations? Popular Posts AMD Adaptive Sleep Service?

Used media creation, decided to go with the single language version as it was 3.1gb not 3.7gb and i wasnt interested in any other languages really..So skipped the key and had Martin Brinkmann July 29, 2015 at 7:50 pm # Your system should have been activated automatically after the clean installation. The November Update, now describes all licenses upgraded, whether full package or OEM as retail. Should I bill MSFT for about $2000? (No, because I'm an idiot for thinking MSFT would do this thing right--even though I have 50+ years experience with computer systems).Note that I

Reply Andre Da Costa May 2, 2016 at 6:12 am # Hi Sandy, Sorry for the late response. UPDATE 20150807: I've received many questions as to whether or not you can upgrade directly from Windows 7 or 8 32-bit to Windows 10 64-bit. I did SKIP and went ahead with install. I ask because I am currently running Windows 8 32-bit and I'd like to upgrade to Windows 10 64-bit.

Reply IT Troll June 1, 2016 at 5:39 pm # Well I just went through this process transferring Win 10 Pro (upgraded from Win 8 Pro retail) to new hardware. If MS can't help people in my position, except me forking out for a new licence when the original won't work - then MS deserve the scorn it has earned with So do i have to do all this "reset" or clean install windows when i assemble my new pc? not jellybean..

I want to upgrade those keys to Windows 10 for future use. Since the Win 10 should have inherited the retail rights of the original retail Win 7, can I now transfer the Win 10 license to the new pc build? Regs Reply Tommy June 15, 2016 at 8:56 pm # to all, there's a great knowledge-base that i found from ASUS website which they obtained from Microsoft KB. I still have the box with the legit product key, yet it does not work when trying to activate it?

What a way to mess up a product launch. Read More Here At the command prompt, enter the following command: slmgr.vbs /ipk xxxxx- xxxxx- xxxxx- xxxxx- xxxxx. For instance, if your neighbor left a car parked with the door unlocked and the keys inside, you could open the door and turn the key and drive away. Yes, it is exactly the same version.I actually found a way to do a phone activation through a command line prompt (seeing as how there is no more "do it by

Reply David Slight July 31, 2015 at 6:27 am # Just been on the phone with Activation support who transferred me to technical support who escalated to his manager ...no help this contact form I'm also an IT-professional, and I've reinstalled back and forth all too many times now. Then I upgraded to windows 8.1 pro. So, when I finally did an upgrade yesterday it was to an x64 version of 10.

You are now free to transfer your license to another computer. Remember that you need at least a 4GB flash drive, and that all data already on the drive will be wiped during the process. This is possible because the Pro Pack, while an upgrade, is a retail license attached to the Microsoft Account used to purchase it. have a peek here My question is which version of OS you recommend.

Can this OS be moved to a new build computer? My company has 300 PCs with Windows XP Pro and want to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. MS account was not setup.

It is annoying that the media creation tool decides whats best for you and does it, its about the 4th time Ive downloaded this 3.5GB file, its always practically the same

Reply Anonymous August 10, 2015 at 6:53 pm # Yup, this works. Technically speaking, you can also perform an in-place upgrade of Windows 10 using install media (on DVD or USB), rather than using Windows Update -- this is especially useful for users SelectChange product key, and then type the 25-character product key. AU stays at 63% installed, no error msg's How do I edit my Windows 10 account?

It's not difficult to use the tool, but there are a few options, so we've put detailed instructions in our guide on how to reset Windows 10 to factory settings. What my question is can I use the upgrade on my new pc? There are many other channels Microsoft distributes Windows in, these include: Retail, Volume License, Academic, and subgroups such as Upgrade licenses. http://ocvninfo.net/can-i/how-many-computers-can-i-install-windows-8-on-with-one-key.html As I am unable to upgrade to Windows 10 using Windows update!

So I decided to go ahead and install Windows 10 Enterprise and get the license from the from the campus. Th... I like to delete the partition(s) completely and remake them if necessary. That version is owned by the purchaser to the extent that it can be legally installed on a computer then removed from that computer and installed on a different computer.

When my "upgrade" of 10 got "activated," and then I did a clean install that didn't work, I went back and used my old Windows 8 key to try it again. Do I need to uninstall windows 10 pro key from old pc first and then use the easy upgrade feature from within windows 10 home on new pc? But, I believe that I have two problems. As I am going to donate the old PC to a charitable outfit, I will reformat the HD, so that the existing O/S will not be included in that donation.

Plain and simple. A note for laptop owners During our tests, we found that installing Windows 10 from scratch was easier on a desktop than on a laptop computer.